Amish Country

The Amish are a group that began in the late 17th century after a split from the Swiss Mennonites. They  then immigrated to North America to escape persecution and have thrived in places such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The Amish faith is one that strives for simplicity, which includes doing without many modern technologies, including electricity and automobiles. Also included in the culture is a desire to remain an autonomous community, exemplified by their rejection of healthcare and Social Security benefits despite the Amish’s taxpayer status. Northern Indiana hosts over 20,000 members of this religion, who are highly concentrated in Elkhart County. There are many activities in this county that provide a unique opportunity to learn about and observe this culture firsthand along the Heritage Trail.

Activities along this trail vary from season to season and can be found at:

More information about the Amish and tips as to how to respect their culture when visiting can be found at:


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