Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

America’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, spent much of his childhood in Southern Indiana. From 1816, when Lincoln was 7, to 1830, when he was 28, his father owned 160 acres in what is now Spencer County. On 4 of these original acres, there is now a memorial to Lincoln’s life, and in particular, his boyhood. As the National Parks website states, “Many character and moral traits of one of the world’s most respected leaders was formed and nurtured here.”

This memorial includes the Lincoln Living Historical Farm, the Memorial Visitor’s Center, the Lincoln Cabin Site Memorial, the burial site of Lincoln’s mother, and hiking trails. The Historical Farm attempts to recreate homestead life on an Indiana farm in the 1820s. Park Rangers dress in period clothing and perform daily tasks. The Visitor’s Center contains information about Lincoln and sculpted panels depicting his life. The Cabin Site Memorial is a bronze casting over the foundation, a fireplace, and a third of what is believed to have been the Lincoln family cabin.

More information about the National Memorial, including hours and admission costs can be found at:


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