Return of the Mac

In March of 2017, Indianapolis hosted its first Mac and Cheese Festival. 3,000 people showed up to Return of the Mac: Indy’s First Mac and Cheese Festival.. Once inside, visitors had access to unlimited mac and cheese from the vendors (who numbered 22 in the inaugural event). The plethora of different types of mac and cheeses served is impressive. In 2017 the people’s choice award was presented to the roasted poblano and jalapeno mac and cheese with garlic breadcrumbs, while the judges chose the campanelle pasta with provolone, smoked mozzarella and slow-cooked tomato sauce with from-scratch meatballs and fennel sausage. As a result of the popularity of this festival, two more are planned on the northside of Indianapolis and in Bloomington.

For the first fest, general admission tickets were $20. Future mac and cheese festivals can be found at the Return of the Mac facebook page:

Return of the Mac also has a website:


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